Are All Raw Materials In Plastic Sunglasses Frames The Same?

July 23, 2017

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The answer is a resounding, NO - All raw materials in plastic sunglasses are NOT the same.  As with most products there is the cheap and easy way then there is the right way. Lesser quality plastic frames made from Propionate for example lose their original shape over time with very little outside influence.  In addition Propionate sunglasses frames melt in severe heat (think inside hot car) and freeze & crack in extreme cold conditions.  Beware of sunglasses frames made of low end plastics especially for extreme outdoor and safety applications the materials are for sure a difference maker.                                                              
All SEATEK polarized sunglasses frames are made in Italy from a premium thermoplastic material called Grilamid TR-90. Grilamid TR-90 sunglasses frames are known for durability, lightweight comfort, shape integrity and impact resistance.                                                        
• Lightweight – Eliminates pressure points 
• Durability – ANSI Z87.3 Certified Shatterproof (American National Standards Institute)
• Flexibility – Comfortable, contoured fit  
Commonly used for military applications and industrial eye protection, Grilamid TR-90 sunglasses frames are the best in the active sport and offshore eyewear contest.  Yes the type of plastic your shades are made from does matter!  If you are comparing SEATEK polarized sunglasses to the competition be sure they are using 100% made in Italy Grilamid TR-90 high performance sunglasses frames- WE DO.


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