SEATEK Polarized Sunglasses Stone Cold Value Proposition

August 27, 2017

Having designed and manufactured technical eyewear for more than a decade, SEATEK knows a thing or two about the offshore sunglasses game.  We rolled out the Deep-V and Pablo polarized models with difference making features that include:

100% Made In Italy Construction:  Recognized for superior design, materials and craftsmanship, sunglasses with the "Made In Italy" country of origin designation are the industry gold standard for product quality.

Polarized Lenses By Carl Zeiss Vision: The world renowned leader in optics technology.  Zeiss polarized lenses are known for their 100% optical clarity benchmark resulting in perfect visual integrity, pure color definition and the elimination of harmful eye fatigue.

Save $50 Or More:  Today's brands of premium boating and fishing sunglasses are overpriced.  Aside from covering their cost to support expensive retail operations including store overhead and sales commissions you are paying for a lesser quality product which is likely manufactured in China.                                                                      

Independent, Florida USA Owned Company: Most mainstream sunglasses brands are owned by a couple foreign mega-companies that monopolize the retail landscape making it an uneven playing field for buyers. Current popular labels including those in the offshore category have been bought, sold and bought again so many times they have lost their local roots and spirit along the way. 

Our goal is simple: to convert every hardcore offshore enthusiasts to SEATEK polarized sunglasses one pair at a time.  We are a Florida proud, family owned business with the drive to go toe to toe with our competitors and the products to back us up......HERE. WE. COME.                                                                                                                                                                                     



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