Why are Polarized Sunglasses made with Grilamid TR-90 frames better?

November 13, 2017

Commonly used in military and medical applications, Grilamid TR-90 is a plastic polymer often used in the creation of high-end, sport and other impact-resistant eyewear frames.  What does that mean for the consumer?  A lot.  Most notably used in polarized sunglasses, Grilamid TR-90 is characterized by being super-lightweight, flexible, and heat and UV resistant.  They aren't just like any other plastic frame. 

Polarized Sunglasses made with Grilamid TR-90 frames are known for their strength, lightweight comfort, shape integrity and impact resistance.  Whether you are out fishing, boating or playing active sports, this provides for both longer comfort and durability. 

As a priority to our customers, SEATEK Polarized Sunglasses are made in Italy using only Grilamid TR-90 frames.  

Some the reasons why SEATEK uses only Grilamid TR-90 frames:               
  • Super Lightweight
  • Heat Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Resistant to stress cracking
Polarized Sunglasses made with Grilamid TR-90 frames are perfect for the sports enthusiast.  Check out our SEATEK polarized sunglasses today!  We are confident that you will love them so much that we stand by our 100% Guarantee.  


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